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healthcare furniture

Healthcare Furniture

Cover All Furniture works with healthcare providers throughout Munster, Southern Leinster and Connaught, providing furniture specifically designed for healthcare environments. Our healthcare furniture range has been carefully created to provide comfort, improve quality of life and ease the burden of carers. Our furniture range is also continuously updated to ensure our customers receive the most up to date options.

Healthcare Furniture

Contact us for more information on our healthcare furniture range.

Healthcare Furniture

Wide range of beds and chairs designed specifically for healthcare purposes, delivering comfort and improved quality of life. These can be tailored to specific requirements.

Our orthopaedic armchairs have been designed to provide unbeatable support and comfort to elderly, disabled and injured patients. Wide range of design and colour options available.

We provide seating suitable for all types of waiting rooms, with a wide range of colours, fabrics and designs to choose from. Delivery available throughout Munster, Southern Leinster and Connaught.

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